Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Step Study Groups

Step-Study Groups are associated with Celebrate Recovery.   These groups are called 'Step Study' groups because each individual within the group works through the steps of the program while sharing the experience together with the group.  It is an absolutely life changing experience. 
The Step-Study Groups meet for approximately 9 - 12 months.  A weekly commitment is expected and the support and encouragement in these groups run high.  Step-Study Groups are gender specific.  There are always seperate groups for men and women.  At this time our groups are 'general issues' meaning whatever the individual is going through at this time in life they meet together.  As our Celebrate Recovery program grows the new groups become established around specific issues.
The group works through four booklets.  During the first phase while participants work through the first book, the groups are open to receive new members.  As the groups enter the second book the groups become closed for the remainer of the time.  This is to allow confidentiality and trust to grow between group members. 
As of November, 2012 both groups are now closed.  However please check back or watch the bulletin for new groups to form. 

                Monday evenings - Women’s “Life Issues” Group 

                Wednesday evenings - Men’s “Life Issues” Group 

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