Friday, November 30, 2012

Coming in the New Year: GroupLink

GROUPLINK:  Early in the New Year we will be having an event called GroupLink to launch new Life Groups.  Initially, after the GroupLink event, new groups will meet for eight weeks.  Then the group members can decide to continue on with their group, or dissolve to find another group.

WHY:  Why consider a Life Group?  Here’s a quote from Andy Stanley’s church that is said very well:  “We believe that significant life change best takes place in the context of intentional relationships.  Life groups are the place where real life and real issues are discussed.  This is the environment to celebrate the successes and good times of life, as well as comfort one another in the tough and disappoing times.  It’s a place to be encouraged, equipped, and challenged to group in our relationship with Jesus Christ.”

WHAT DOES A LIFE GROUP LOOK LIKE?  Life Groups are small groups of approximately six married couples or six to eight individuals of the same gender. 

WHY “SAME GENDER?”  We have seen these “same gender” groups work well in both the Men’s and Women’s Ministries and Celebrate Recovery.  Why?  “The relational dynamics created by a mixed environment limit the accountability that’s possible or appropriate.”  We have found that these same gender groups have a higher level of community and accountability that is not possible, nor appropriate in a mixed-gender single group.
Be looking for more information on the new GROUPLINK through the month of December in the bulletin and other church communications.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Community Life Groups

Our ongoing Community Life Groups meet in private homes on various nights and sometimes mornings of the week.  These groups are currently open as of November 2012.  Phone numbers are listed of the various group laders or you may call the church office (707)768-3767 for more information
Mondays - Carlotta - Don and Melisa Wennerholm's group is studying marriage with Jimmy Evans DVD's.  6:30 PM   768-1913
Tuesdays - Carlotta - Micki Inman’s group is studying  II Corinthians.  768-3053   

Wednesdays - Fortuna - Eva Fry’s group will be starting the study ‘Not A Fan.’  725-3654

Fridays - Fortuna - Orlando & Heidi Paynes group will be studying Financial Peace University  726-9189

Friday mornings - Fortuna - High School Students - 7:30 - 8:20 AM - call Pastor David - 768-3767.

 Monday evenings - Alex and Jacquie Walker‘s group  will be studying Spiritual Parenting  768-3767.

Men's Groups

Our men have several Life Groups from which to choose.  Man Up Groups with Pastor Jeff and Prime Time Groups with Pastor Mike both study Spiritual Disciplines.  Men's Fraternity with seperate studies for first, second and third year go over a program to promote authentic biblical manhood.  There is also a Men's Fraternity to college age guys led by Pastor David.  Below are dates and times of open groups.  You may call the church office at (707)768-3767 for more information.

Tues. morning and evening 7:00 AM / 4:30 PM  Man Up Groups with Pastor Jeff

Tues. evening Men’s Fraternity Year #3 6:30 PM

Wed. time TBD Men’s Fraternity Year #2

Wed. morning and evening 7:00 AM /6:30 PM Prime Time groups with Pastor Mike

Thursday Men’s Fraternity Year #1  6:30 PM

Sunday 8:30 AM Man Up Group with Pastor Jeff
Sunday PM - Men’s Fraternity for college age guys - starting in October - call Pastor David - 768-3767.

Women's Groups

Our women are studying some great Bible study series with amazing Bible teachers and communicators like Beth Moore and Margaret Feinberg.  Below are the current studies as of November 2012, their time, place, location and leaders.  You may call the church office for information:  (707)768-3767
Thursday Evenings Sacred Echo on Prayer (Margaret Feinberg, Bible Teacher ) – at Crystal Barrows home in Bridgeville.  Crystal Barrow, leading.
Tuesday Evening at 6:30 PM Law of Love - pages from Deuteronomy (Beth Moore, Bible Teacher)  Janet Harward leading at HCC

Friday Morning at 9 AM Law of Love – pages from Deuteronomy (Beth Moore, Bible Teacher) Stephanie Cochrane leading at HCC

Tuesday Mornings 10 AM - Rio Dell – Jesus the One and Only (Beth Moore, Bible Teacher) - Kathy Olds - 499-2337

Step Study Groups

Step-Study Groups are associated with Celebrate Recovery.   These groups are called 'Step Study' groups because each individual within the group works through the steps of the program while sharing the experience together with the group.  It is an absolutely life changing experience. 
The Step-Study Groups meet for approximately 9 - 12 months.  A weekly commitment is expected and the support and encouragement in these groups run high.  Step-Study Groups are gender specific.  There are always seperate groups for men and women.  At this time our groups are 'general issues' meaning whatever the individual is going through at this time in life they meet together.  As our Celebrate Recovery program grows the new groups become established around specific issues.
The group works through four booklets.  During the first phase while participants work through the first book, the groups are open to receive new members.  As the groups enter the second book the groups become closed for the remainer of the time.  This is to allow confidentiality and trust to grow between group members. 
As of November, 2012 both groups are now closed.  However please check back or watch the bulletin for new groups to form. 

                Monday evenings - Women’s “Life Issues” Group 

                Wednesday evenings - Men’s “Life Issues” Group